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We are very excited to announce Canada's ONLY Prosperity and Wellness Retreat taking place at the breathtaking Kingsbridge Centre!

A day devoted to deepening your understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection through yoga and numerous other wellness practices - paired with powerful financial insights and a harmonious wealth creation workshop. Elevate your wellness and wealth; body and bank account!

Release the weight of the last few years and step into a new phase of hope, abundance, and positive momentum.

Arrive at the incredible, secluded, forest setting of the Kingsbridge Centre for a fully unique day of of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. Follow our set agenda, or customize the day by combining it with hiking, relaxing by the fire or simply enjoying the scenery.

If you chose to follow the set agenda, we will invite you to start the day with a powerful meditation focused on cultivating self-love, abundance and clarity.

Next, enjoy a music-infused Hatcha Yoga taught by an experienced, fun and inspiring instructor. Open your mind and heart to discover your unconscious beliefs about money and how you can shift them if they don’t serve you. Enjoy building new relationships with a delicious lunch before you are led on a journey into the principles of harmonious wealth creation led by an experienced yogi and a financial planner. Allow us next to guide you through an introduction to Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful stress relief technique used to treat anxiety, depression, stress and phobias Yoga, is followed by a closing sound bath and meditation.

The day would not be completed without time to connect by the fire or simply share what you experienced during the day while taking in the beautiful grounds.

Every element has been carefully designed to create an experience of community, love and abundance.

You’ll leave deeply refreshed with a sense of renewal and love.

Our presenters:

To learn more and to get your tickets, visit

Let me share with you excerpts from my book, in my opinion, a great, informative read for anyone that truly wants to understand the value of proper financial planning advice. To get your copy click HERE.

Take a read through our latest newsletter if you are worried about the impact of the Ukraine and Russian conflict on the markets and to get a sense as to what to expect.

I also share a link as to how you can help the people of Ukraine if you are so inclined.

Lastly, at the bottom of our newsletter, I also share a great tax checklist that is very handy when you are preparing to file your taxes.

Stay informed and empowered!

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