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"Embrace a grateful mindset.
Envision your life vividly.
Create a plan. Engage with a powerful team. Lead the life
you imagined."

– Anna Knight, BA, CFP
Founder & Certified Financial Planner

Anna Knight is the Founder, Severance and Pension Specialist and the Certified Financial Planner at Simplicity Financial. She started Simplicity Financial with over 20 years of industry experience and with the goal of empowering Canadians to take charge of and have pride in their finances. She is a trusted source of financial advice to her clients and key associates, and strives to be the same for the community at large.


To elevate her impact and reach, Anna delivers her money management and wealth building courses to corporations and a number of organizations and online through her carefully curated courses.   She also shared her valuable and time tested wealth building strategies in her latest book "The Million Dollar Difference".  


In her well established private practice,  Anna either offers fee for service financial planning guidance or gets retained by her clients to manage their financial affairs ongoingly.  

To implement the simple yet powerful financial plan, Anna has partnered with some industry leaders. 

To provide investment management advice, Anna is a Financial Advisor with Keybase Financial, an independent MFDA dealer.   If her plans call for alterations or adding new life insurance solutions, Anna works ass an Insurance Broker with Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. 

Prior to setting up her own independent practice, Anna has worked for ICM, another independent MFDA dealer for a number of years, and Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank and Manulife Financial prior to that. 

She not only has extensive education in her field but also years of hands on experience.

As a wellness and fitness enthusiast, world explorer and dancer and a mom, Anna ensures to keep on creating a work life balance, and encourages her clients to do the same.  


Severance and Pension Maximization

Helping clients attain retirement objectives

Organization of all areas of finance


Fulfilling retirement income needs

Protecting their family from financial fallout due to unexpected death, critical illness, and disability


Tax minimization

Education planning for children

Structured charitable giving

Generational wealth transfer

Money Education 


Anna has been a contributor to a number of articles in the Globe and Mail and Money Sense Magazine, and contributed to a Retirement by Design book prior to writing The Million Dollar Difference.

Anna’s life commitment is making an impactful and positive difference in the lives of anyone she encounters. Therefore, along with Simplicity

Financial that donates part of their profits to charity every year and offers pro bono courses and work, Anna dedicates her time and other resources to numerous charities such as; Princess Margaret Hospital, The C.C.C.O. that supports orphanage homes for children, Interim Place, a shelter for abused women, just to name a few.



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