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Here at Simplicity Financial, we want to support you every step of the way.
We know each client is unique, looking for a specific financial plan that caters to their individual needs. Let us ease your stress and entrust us in making all the right decisions to simplify your financial life.
It can truly be that easy, we promise.

We make finances simple by breaking down even the most complex strategies into something you can easily understand.  That is a big part of the value we bring to the table.

Simplicity Financial Plans

Simplicity Guided Learning Plan
Have you taken a number of money courses or watched bunch of  you tube videos?  Have you fallen into the trap of information overload and not really sure if it is legit, or how to make it work for you trap?

We have the answers.   We have curated, action oriented money management courses to educate you on all areas from the quick overview in our "Financial Health Check" course, through "Investing Simplified" to "Retirement Readiness" course and more.   Whatever money area you want to learn about we have a course for you.  Most importantly, each course is delivered in easy to understand and actionable format to get you to apply the information right away.   

Most importantly, our courses are though by 20 year industry veteran and a Certified Financial Planner in private and active practice who has thought  hundreds of individuals and families over the years. 

Our instructor has thought and been featured in:  
Simplicity Hourly Pan 
Under this engagement, we act like a your or your families CFO.  We  can be retained to provide you with guidance through a specific life altering moment such as:
  • Retirement
  • Death of a loved one
  • First home purchase
  • Sale of business
  • Marriage
  • Divorce 
  • Or other key events 
Delivered by a senior and Certified Financial Planner at of $250 per hour.  
Simplicity Retirement Readiness Plan
Are you concerned if you have enough to retire on?  Or do you want to know how much to set aside and how to structure things to reach your ideal retirement goal?  We are here to help. 

Our Retirement Readiness Plan starts with determining what is your idea of retirement (from lifestyle, income needs to potential sources of income) and ends with an easy to understands retirement blue print and an action plan that clearly lays out how to achieve your retirement objectives. 
Along the way we review items such as your pension, tax implications, insurance, estate planning considerations and any other relative information. 

Retirement Readiness Plan starting at $1,500. 
Simplicity Comprehensive Plan
This engagement includes the Retirement Readiness Plan plus Detailed Analysis and Recommendations on current products and investment in place.   

This is a great option to get a second opinion on the investments you have and get unbiased opinion if your money is deployed appropriately based on your goals, risk tolerance and fee structure.  

Comprehensive Plan cost ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the complexity   
Simplicity Full Engagement Plan
Here is when we not only create a action oriented plan but we also get involved with you to implement and monitor your plan and progress. 

This is when you hire us to be your chosen financial planning partner. 

To implement your plan we partner with well know, time tested investment management firms, premium insurance carrier and largest lenders depending on your particular needs.  

We work on a fee for plan plus 1% to 1.25% basis depending on your account size or commission on insurance or mortgage products recommended.  All to be further discussed and disclosed.  
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