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Here at Simplicity Financial, we want to support you every step of the way.
We know each client is unique, looking for a specific financial plan that caters to
their individual needs. Let us ease your stress and
entrust us in making all the right decisions to simplify your financial lifeIt can truly be that easy, we promise.

Our Services Simplified

How Can We Help You

At Simplicity Financial, we don't discriminate. No matter your age, stage or financial status, we're here to simplify your financial well-being.
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Are you focusing on your career, raising a family and paying off a mortgage? Are you confused about whether you need insurance, how your pension works, or if you're investing properly? You might feel overwhelmed or simply don’t have enough time to ensure your family is financially sound.

Let us help.


With retirement 5-10 years away, are you unsure if you have enough to retire on? Do you know how to utilize your pension or which are the right investment vehicles to be in as you move closer to retirement? Are you a business owner confused about how to plan your retirement?

Let us help.


Now that you're retired, do you know how to maximize your savings and minimize your taxes? Do you wonder how long your capital will last for or how to structure your estate to minimize taxes, probate and ensure your hard earned dollars get passed on according to you wishes?  Can you afford to travel or need life insurance? What are some alternative guaranteed income sources you can utilize into your retirement? 

Let us help.


Do you wonder if your children have enough money for education? Do you know when to start planning for retirement, what the different investment vehicles are, and which are right for you? Do you know how to financially prepare if you outlive your husband? Are you going through a separation or divorce and wonder how you will be impacted financially?

Let us help.

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Do you know where to start to ensure you are financially healthy? Do you know the investment vehicles you should begin with? Do you know the difference between RRSP and TFSA? Are you curious about how to build multiple sources of income? Should you have insurance? Is it too early to consider your 'Freedom at Last' Retirement Plan?

Let us help.


When was the last time you had a financial check-up? How can you financially strategize with a fluctuating income? Do you know how to be tax-efficient while investing? How can you lock down life insurance, or health and dental coverage? Do you have an idea of how to confidently plan for your retirement?

Let us help.

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