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2022 Equity Markets what to Expect.

I trust that all of you had a peaceful and healthy holiday season and are off to a good start to 2022 despite the current virus-related challenges we are all facing!

As the year began, I have attended several meetings with the teams of economists and managers that I work with on behalf of my clients. The consensus is that 2022 is a year of good growth in the markets, as the world attempts to meet supply shortages and the consumer and corporations start deploying the higher than normal levels of savings.

Of course, we have the impact of the virus still to combat, as well as inflation and concerns around China and in some cases high business valuations.

Bottom line, I still expect good equity growth in 2022. As always I do believe that long-term success is based on owning good quality businesses and participating in their growth year over year. That approach has and will continue to serve us moving into 2022.

I do believe being diversified, having good businesses, and appropriate safety measures in place continue to be the right approach, and my team and I will ensure that is in place for all of you based on your particular situation.


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