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Giving Back - Simplicity Financial's Founding Principles

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Giving back to our communities, the less fortunate and making a massive positive impact on this world are the founding principles of Simplicity Financial. Through our education work, we aim to empower families to gain control over their financial well being. We have delivered our courses to number of charitable organization such as The Rotary Club and Rosalie Hall and moving forward we stand committed to amplify our empowerment efforts. In 2021 we have the lofty goal to create and deliver education curriculum to marginalized youth through our affiliation with like minded professionals.

Ongoingly, we donate part of our profits to local charities such as Daily Food Bank and have supported World Vision and The Covenant House and stand committed to continue those efforts. Lastly, we as a firm we do take on a select number of pro-bono cases annually. We are looking at expanding this and hoping to be able to set up an ongoing weekly financial advice walk in clinic.

For our clients, we have access to philanthropic solutions. As an example, through our partnership with Mackenzie Financial we can help our client structure a giving a part of their overall financial plan. A simple and convenient solution, the Mackenzie Structured Charitable giving program combines immediate tax benefits with the ability to support your favourite charities now and into the future.

To find out how you can structure that for your family, please reach out to us at


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