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Am thrilled to announce that my book The Million Dollar Difference IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. I am looking forward to sharing the strategies that I have applied with many of my clients over the years with all of you. To learn how you can create millions of dollars of additional wealth for your family, CLICK HERE to get your copy of The Million Dollar Difference.


Meet the Williams and Jacksons. These seemingly identical Canadian couples started out from the same base. But one crucial choice will ultimately determine their futures. The first couple hired a financial planner, utilizing her suggested strategies to create millions of additional wealth over the do-it-yourself couple. As their divergent trajectories demonstrate, getting the right advice at the right time can make all the difference.

A testament to the power of financial planning advice, The Million Dollar Difference will open your eyes to what's possible for you and your family.

Written as an instructional tool, this book clearly illustrates how everyday Canadians can benefit from professional advice. Through the strategies and examples laid out, you will not only come away better equipped to find the right financial planner to assist you, but better informed about the myriad options available to help you secure your financial future, starting today. You'll learn insider tips on how to keep more money in your pocket, protect your assets, invest for retirement to drastically increase your retirement income, pay less in income tax today and into retirement, and finally ensure the maximum amount of your wealth gets passed on to the next generation.

AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ TO ELEVATE your financial education and to truly understand the value of proper financial planning advice.

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