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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Quick reminder, we have 2 weeks to add to our RRSP to have it count for 2020 tax year. If you are working and need to top up your RRSP, consider this:

-At income level of $50,000, you will get around a 25% return on your money, in form of tax refund. So for a $10,000 RRSP contribution, you will get around $2,500 tax refund.

-Investments in your RRSP grow tax free.

-That refund is another way to create additional income that you would not otherwise have.

DEADLINE is MARCH 1st, so if you wish to top up your RRSP, please let us know, or use this link to book a quick phone chat with me. BOOK A PHONE CONVERSATION TO TOP UP YOUR RRSP



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