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Meet your Money Monsters and Be-Friend your Cash Flow

Money and wealth creation is a multi dimensional and complex matter.  During this TRULY UNIQUE program we will continue to review money from two specific angles. We will uncover specific behaviours and psychological barriers that drive your money decisions and combine that with strategies to assist you in building your definition of financial well being.    


In this module of our integrated money course, you will be introduced to various money monster archetypes that are sabotaging your success with money. In understanding your monsters, you can start exploring your relationship with money on a deeper level, bringing awareness to your challenges. On the psychology side, you will investigate the money monsters that run your subconscious money behaviours.  We will create strategies to shift you into healthier behaviours and patterns and to propel you to befriend your cash flow.  

On the practical side, you will review how to take charge of your cash flow, whether you are just starting out with your finances, or you have been diligent with managing your money for a while.   At the end of this section, you will have a renewed understanding of how to manage our monthly cash flow and a re-energized understanding of its importance. Be friending your cash flow is a pivotal starting point in creating your financial well being.  


Created in collaboration with CPD Formula (Canada’s Largest Profession Training Platform), so you can purchase the course with us, or by enrolling HERE through CPD Formula.  

Meet your Money Monsters and Be-Friend your Cash Flow

  • Psychology of Money and importance of Budget

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