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Impact of Money Scripts and Debt and Credit Demystified

Money and wealth creation is a multi dimensional and complex matter.  During this TRULY UNIQUE program we will continue to review money from two specific angles. We will uncover specific behaviours and psychological barriers that drive your money decisions and combine that with strategies to assist you in building your definition of financial well being.    


During the behavioral part of this course, you will be introduced to the concept of Money Scripts, which are core beliefs about money that drive financial behaviours. Money scripts have a significant impact on financial behaviours and financial health. For most people, they operate at an unconscious level. By examining them, we make them conscious and therefore, are able to change them in ways that serve us. Second, we talk about your Financial ID, which is constituted by your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors with money. Lastly, we will discuss tools that you can implement to support the changes you desire in how you feel, think and behave with money. 


On the practical side, we will walk you through the different types of credit available,  followed by a discussion around your credit score and overall variables that impact what type of credit you are eligible for.  Finally, we will discuss debt repayment strategies and assist you in creating your own action plan that will have you review and address your debt and credit if those areas need assistance.


Each section includes a worksheet with actions to take immediately to start building your definition of financial well being.  


Created in collaboration with CPD Formula (Canada’s Largest Profession Training Platform), so you can purchase the course with us, or by enrolling HERE through CPD Formula.  

Impact of Money Scripts and Debt and Credit Demystified

  • Psychology of your money decisions and Credit/Debt Explained

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