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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is a step by step game plan that allows you to replace your earned income with passive income streams. 

The Ins & Outs of

Retirement Planning

With our 8 step process we guide you through clarifying the “retirement” income you require and then create strategies to get you towards that objective. We aim to get our clients towards their “retirement” numbers as quickly as possible so that they can continue working if they choose to, or have the freedom to start a new venture, travel, donate their time to worthy causes, raise their children or grand children.  


During the planning process we review all investment options out there including traditional investments in the market, investing in real estate, buying a business or investment products with guarantees and review your projected income sources.  


The combination that is appropriate to you and your family depends on your particular situation.  


If you are 5 to 10 years prior to retirement, and have a pension, in this process we also review your pension and the options you have as that is still a very misunderstood area.  


Retirement Planning has two unique phases: pre-retirement and post-retirement. 

During the pre-retirement phase, emphasis is placed on wealth accumulation. During this phase, savings should provide an ongoing income stream that can be used to buy additional income producing investments or reinvested to allow compounding growth. Part of the pre-retirement phase includes a detailed analysis of how much passive income we are aiming to replace and a clear plan for how we are going to get there.

During the post-retirement phase, the emphasis is placed on providing the maximum monthly income for the family while protecting the capital. During or close to this phase, a review of all of the family’s income sources for retirement must be conducted to ensure that a portion of the income will be guaranteed to provide for basic needs. Sources of guaranteed income include: Old Age Security, Canada Pension, Company Pension, Annuity Payment or Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit investment. Depending on the situation, Rental or Business Income could also classify under guaranteed sources of retirement income.

The remainder of your retirement income is to provide for discretionary spending and this component can fluctuate. Therefore, investments that might fluctuate are appropriate for this component. For retirement planning we can be engaged to simply create a plan, or to not only create a retirement readiness plan, but to also implement it.


​ If you wish to figure out how much you need to set aside every year in order to reach your retirement objectives, or what to place your money into to obtain the desired retirement income, contact us to book your complimentary discovery call today.

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