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We hope all of you are ‘enjoying’ this wonderful Winter Wonderland and most importantly staying safe and healthy.

As it is February, we thought we would send you few reminders to keep you on top of your financial success…

 As a reminder, RRSP can provide you with a valuable tax brake.  The 2018 RRSP contribution limit is 18% of your 2018 earning minus pension adjustment, up to a maximum of $26,230.   Here is an example of the tax benefit you could receive from your RRSP contribution:

In addition, the recent market volatility is an opportunity to add to your investments at a discounted cost which will potentially further increase the benefit to YOU of this contribution.

We still have quite a bit of time to file our taxes, with that deadline April 30th, 2019. However, here is a handy checklist when preparing for your tax filling.

We found a powerful and simple checklist that will help you get organized for tax season. Click on the link for a printable version: Tax Return Checklist.

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