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World Economy Commentary & Recap of the POWER of Refinancing

Dear Clients and Associates,

We hope that all of you are doing well, staying healthy and enjoying some outdoor sunshine.

As the coronavirus continues to impact global and our local economies I believe it is imperative to stay focused on the positive that can come out of it.

There has been many new job opportunities being created, we have seen the adaptive power of businesses, increased focus of cleanliness and refocus in terms of what truly matters to name just a few things. 

I have seen neighbours catching up on front lawns, families biking and walking like never before.  These are the lessons I feel we can keep from this current situation.   As a human race, I am confident we will bounce back and we are already seeing signs of that across the globe. Of course, we can’t ignore the current crisis in Lebanon as it hurt an economy that has been already hurting. Even here, we have seen global leaders and fellow human beings come together to help. 

Therefore, as we continue to enjoy the summer, I encourage you to stay positive and please let us know if we can be of service to you and your families. We are highlighting the POWER of refinancing this month as in many cases it could assist in create a fresh beginning or added income

On a more macro level, here is a video from our associates at Russell Investments, Senior Investment Strategist Paul Eitelman and Senior Client Investment Analyst Chris Kyle who discuss 2nd GDP (gross domestic product) numbers from around the world, in addition to second-quarter earnings season results. They also provided an update on efforts by the U.S. Congress to pass a second coronavirus stimulus package.

To me, the discussion by Paul and Chris, leads me to conclude that despite continuous levels of uncertainly, markets and economic activities are starting to look more positive. As always, I would encourage you to have a plan of action as that will ensure your and your families success despite what is going on.   If we can assist you in creating one or reviewing your, please do not hesitate to book a meeting with me directly by using this link:

With gratitude,

Anna Knight, CFP and team Simplicity


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