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Estate Planning Simplified

Arranging your affairs for the inevitable event of death has to be addressed for anyone over the age of 18. As you get older, more complex strategies and solutions are required.  

The Ins & Outs of

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a process that involves anticipating and arranging, during one’s life, for the management and disposal of your  estate during your life and at and after death, while maximizing estate value, minimizing taxes and ensuring a smooth transfer.  


If you have  children under the age of 18, it also ensures your children will be looked after in event of death or illness. 

Without any planning, the family estate can easily be reduced by 50-60% due to taxes alone. Do you want that to happen to your hard earned dollars?


Without estate planning, custody of your young children becomes a decision of the government, not yours. Do you want that to happen to your children?


Simple yet very effective steps can be taken to ensure you and your family are protected and that your wishes are respected.  

If you wish to discuss what kind of estate plan is right for your family from unforeseen events, contact us to book your complimentary discovery call today.

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