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Financial consulting is applicable for short term engagements mainly to answer specific questions on a financial matter, or to get a second opinion. We are available on an hourly basis to provide such guidance.

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Financial Consultation

Financial consulting is applicable for short term engagement mainly to answer specific questions, to get a second opinion on your current plan or to have us assist you through a life changing event.
Under this engagement, we are available on an hourly basis.   


Common areas we assist in: 

  • A second opinion on current retirement plan 

  • Simplifying the pension and severance pay decision at retirement

  • I received an inheritance, how do I manage it?

  • How do I buy a rental property, personally or under a corporation? And how do I finance it?

  • I own a business – how do I retire from it?

  • I'm a high income earning executive, what can I do to minimize the taxes I pay?

  • A second opinion on a suggested financial plan

  • Review and analysis of current investment plan 

  • Recommendations around retirement income products 

  • Suggested estate structure and key steps to follow when going through an estate planning process

  • What are my options purchasing my first home?

    This service is provided by a senior Certified Financial Planner whose is also a Retirement and Pension Expert with over 20 years of industry experience.  Hourly fee is $250.

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